CampCamp v11.0

Posted by Jen Tong on May 3, 2016

This week CampCamp returned from a 4 year hiatus with v11.0. It was awesome. I figure after about a decade of CampCamp, it’s time to share a little bit about it. 

What is CampCamp? The original event description puts it best:

CampCamp is the unplugged version of *camp. We get a cabin in Tahoe, we chill, drink, sing by a campfire, and generally don’t do jack shit. More importantly, we don’t do anything technology related. Mentioning the “b” word that ends in “log” will typically get you dunked in the river. Instead of “How do we monetize the video rss mashup of web 2.0 rounded corners” sessions, we have Sessions like “how to open beer bottles with a lighter”. You get the picture.

Yeah, some of the terms in there are a bit dated. But it gets even better:

Stuff NOT to bring:

  • Laptops
  • Video Games
  • Business Plans, Models, and Other Boring Shit Like That
  • The words : blog, web 2.0, ajax, monetize, user generated content
  • PSPs
  • Nintendo DS / Lite / Gameboys
  • Blackberries and Treos OFF
  • Blow dryers, curling irons, etc.

In other words, rather than using the framework of an unconference to immerse ourselves even deeper into technology, we use it as a brief reprieve from our screens and our endless Treo notifications. 

Why CampCamp? Smart phones have changed the way that we live our lives. They’re one of those life-changing things that just kind of snuck up on us. All of a sudden tiny pocket sized computers gave us access to the world’s information. They also gave us always-on social networking, and a game selection that puts the game consoles of our youth to shame. Smart phones are great, and we love them, but sometimes a break is nice too.

This is where CampCamp comes in. It allows us to relive your favorite parts of the unconnected world including:

  • Arguing with a friends about medieval weaponry and movie trivia (without the ability to confirm anyone’s statements by looking things up)
  • Cooking, making mistakes, and eating them anyway (because it’s harder without YouTube videos)
  • Exploring the woods, getting mildly lost, and finding your way home by sheer luck
  • Playing analog, pirated board games, with hand-written game pieces and tweaking the rules as you go because you’re not sure you remembered them all right anyway
  • Forgetting what time it is for hours
  • Surprise snow man (because you didn’t read the updated weather report)
  • Learning to make vegan french toast and matzo grilled cheese (because people gotta eat)
  • Getting sleepy when the sun goes down (or was that the beer?)
  • Being bored

A few days of that is surprisingly refreshing. It’s amazing how time flows differently when Hearthstone isn’t a few taps away, or when you’re lost in the woods. It’s amazing how our relationship with technology has changed over the last few years, and how we need CampCamp more than ever.

And yes, CampCamp will be coming back next year for v12.0.